New features in version 4.2.2

This new release of OpenEMR has several interesting new features. Check them out in our demo site at


  • 2014 ONC Certified as a Modular EHR
  • Compatible with PHP7
  • Compatible with most recent versions of MySQL and MariaDB
  • Added a modern user interface
  • Added full support for right to left languages
  • Added an About link/page
  • Numerous Bug Fixes
  • Supported in 30 languages
  • Numerous Security Fixes and Security Improvements

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Legal value of the Electronic Medical Record (Argentina)

This issue always arises in medical areas, especially hospitals. Sometimes, the possible unfavorable legal implications of computerization are an excuse for not computerizing, although increasingly weaker. Sometimes the subject highlights the inadequacy of the current legislation, still several decades behind reality.
For example, at a recent symposium in the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires, a doctor from this advanced pioneer center in Medical Informatics, complained that as a result of a court case, a lawyer asked to seize the patient’s medical history, for which the judge wanted to take a complete server from the Data Center of the Hospital. This, regardless of the damage caused to the tens of thousands of patients whose stories resided on that same server.
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Download here the full software for Digital Health Records, OpenEMR.

In these links you can download the OpenEMR system, to be used in any language. We support English and Spanish versions.

The page: Download OpenEMR contains the main links. Our clients receive the updated terminology table, in international Spanish, from which we have refined almost 20 unnecessary languages. We also have teaching materials in .pdf and PowerPoint formats, with the main tasks performed by users (doctors, nurses or administrative). The Windows version is 43.8 mb. It requires to run an Apache server emulation, with PHP and MySQL. The complete version, with the XAMPP system (Apache emulator, PHP, MySQL and mail), has 227 mb and can be downloaded from the aforementioned page. If you have a Linux system, for example Debian or Ubuntu, download your version (of 33 mb) on the project site.

After installing the software on a local area server, which can be any Windows machine, perform the tasks of configuration and adaptation to local needs. These tasks include definition of care centers, professionals in charge of medical services, opening hours, health insurance available, etc. Regarding the system itself, there are many modules that are enabled or disabled according to the needs of users. If you are not an expert in this type of computer-medical-administrative task, ask about our initial configuration service, training and support.

Most of the queries we receive are referred to:

– prescription printing

– permits for different members of the patient’s equipment

– portal, so that the patient sees the information regarding his measurements and observations, as well as his appointments with health professionals.

– Security: intrusion control, backup

-capacity of the equipment, to manage speed and number of transactions.

– maintenance costs in our servers or in the cloud

– requirements to bill health companies, hospitals, insurers

– customized developments

This is the descriptor of the software in PAD File format —– To download free software for Digital Clinical Records, go to the  site.

For English support, click on an English banner. See our service page

Free software installation for electronic medical records: OpenEMR

The software for clinical history can be proprietary or public, depending on the type of license adopted by the author. In addition, they may have cost or be free. OpenEMR is a clinical history computerization solution that offers the greatest advantages in terms of cost, ease of use, support and security, and has the advantages of being public and free.

OPENEMR is an international project, with more than 45,000 installations in all the world, and hundreds of active developers. Because of its size, it has more than 1000 features,  Openemr has many features, well above most commercial systems. The OpenEMR project is managed by, the platform more widespread for open source and free projects.

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Legal requirements for EMR

Experts who have seen the topic of “computer clinical history” set out a series of requirements for it to have legal validity.

Inviolability and inalterability of data

This includes security measures to prevent the entry of strangers into the system , preventing consultation, deletion or modification of data already incorporated by unauthorized persons. For this it is convenient that it is equipped with an alarm system / alerts. In OpenEMR, the activation of the possible registers is a way to be able to detect who, when and how it made each change in the database.

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Coexistencia de historia clínica en formatos papel y digital

Pregunta frecuente que respondemos:

[01:47:18 p.m.] Otto Gabriel S.: Una pregunta me surge, que estrategia recomienda sobre como incorporar la historia clinica de los pacientes. Por que los doctores lo que tienen son expedientes en papel. Pero ellos no quieren estar manejando dos sistemas uno en papel y el electronico que seria a partir de la implementacion de open emr

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Soporte para implementación de Historia Clínica Digital

Nuestra empresa brinda soporte a quienes deseen implementar la Historia Clínica Digital con el sistema gratuito de código abierto OpenEMR, en español o en inglés. Vea algunos servicios que ofrecemos para aprovechar las múltiples prestaciones de este popular, sencillo y completo sistema. Consulte sobre sus necesidades específicas.

  • Atendemos clientes en Argentina en forma personal, y en el resto del mundo a través de Internet, sin necesidad de contacto personal.
  • Nuestros servidores proveen respuesta rápida y segura a cualquier institución.
    • En cualquier momento el cliente puede trasladar sus datos a otro servidor de Internet o a su propia Intranet.

Utilice libremente nuestra Demo. User: clinician / pass: clinician

Página de presentación de nuestros servicios de instalación, configuración, soporte y desarrollos a medida para Historia Clínica Digital.

OpenEMR - sistema abierto de Historia Clínica Digital


 Proporcionamos soporte en español para el proyecto OpenEMR, de código abierto y gratuito. / We support the OpenEMR free and open source project

English support for OpenEMRAutomated Medical Assesment.