Como mejora la atención médica por efecto de los sistemas de historia clínica.

Existe un creciente entusiasmo en Estados Unidos sobre el uso de registros médicos electrónicos (EMR ) en pacientes ambulatorios. Se han destinado importantes sumas de dinero para subsidiar la adopción de esta tecnología por parte de los médicos. La revista Family Medicine destaca en un artículo tanto las promesas como las desventajas de esta tecnología. Continuar leyendo “Como mejora la atención médica por efecto de los sistemas de historia clínica.”

Online Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR)

The EMR issue is quite complex, because there is no standard yet, and thousands of competing applications try to conquer the big clients. Some are Open Source, some are free, many are sold. A few countries and states have decided to implement a single EMR application, to lower costs and focus all the development effort in a single product. However, not even Socialist countries have reached that goal. Continuar leyendo “Online Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR)”

Medical Advice Online – This site

This site has two faces. Originally started as a forum where I provide free medical advice online, for English-speaking patients. It now incorporated this blog where I discuss eHealth issues, mostly from the business viewpoint.
A small advantage of being based in Argentina is that I can do things like this, out of reach for American doctors because of several legal liabilities, privacy concerns and malpractice potential. Of course I could still be liable for damages, in spite of the powerful disclaimer that I attempt to post in every page.
The advantages for me are:
– visibility
– a few dollars on Adsense revenue
– test the free/paid patient conversion rate
– check alternative services, like keeping an online EMR for patients/clients
– collect content for web promotion purposes

The partial results of this ongoing experiment will be published here.

medicaladvice-screen.gifThe medical Advice site

A comparison of different EMR systems

From request from a client, I presented a paper at the Latin American Congress of Medical Informatics, INFOLAC, here in Buenos Aires. He produces an EMR product with some state-of-the-art features, and he wanted to introduce the subject into the med-info communitiy.

In parallel, I was looking for a product that I could use for remote consultation pacients. So, finally both lines converged and I had resources to do a quite complete research on the subject.

I was surprised to learn that, in spite of being in 2008 at full IT speed, most hospitals in Latin America and other places still keep medical records only in paper.

There is a nice opportunity to advance in this matter. I will soon publish the results of my survey on Web available EMR systems.